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Nantong Healthcare Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, specializing in research, design and manufacture of CNC contour cutting equipment. It is one of the first professional companies to do extensive research and development to produce Oscillating blade foam cutting machinery for the professional foam conversion. Due to the continues improvement of our existing equipment as well as new development of state of the art machinery, Nantong Healthcare Machinery Co., Ltd has won numerous national patents for their innovative ideas. 

Healthcare CNC cutting machines are valued by our international customers of whom many are at the top of their industry in foam conversion. Since it was introduced in the market in 2007 the number of customers has grown rapidly and it has been the number 1 selling equipment for 10 consecutive years.

The Oscillating Blade and Continuous Blade Machines incorporate exceptional engineering design that provides for smooth, fast and effi­cient processing of blocks (regular foam, memory foam, latex and very hard foam) in minutes. All the machines are designed to require only one operator elimi­nating additional manpower. Operators all over the world appreciate the ease and usability of the Healthcare Software. Most existing files can be easily and quickly converted to DXF files making them suitable for processing foam blocks. Their System Cut Check will monitor and correct the load on the servo motors by checking for phase errors. The program will be automatically corrected adding life to the motors and increasing blade life.