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        • Name: CNCHK-9.1
        • NO.: 009
        • 上架时间: 2013-08-08
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        CNCHK-9.1 is developed and perfect for the foam producers who are in great demand of vertical contour cutting, and its appearance fills a gap in contour cutting with circulating blade in domestic market, The greatest advantage of the machine is the fast speed, But the price is less than a quarter of similar imported products, It is about 6-8 times the cutting speed of the vertical oscillating cutting machine

        Weight(T) 4.2 Type of CNC Industrial computer
        Full Power 13KW, 380V, 50HZ Dispaly LCD
        Size(mm) 6000×4500×3000 Controlling module Motion control card
        Servo system(r/min) 0~2800 Operation system Windows XP or above
        Main motor power 2.2KW Programmable axis X,Y,Z,Ф
        Max.block size(mm)



        Sharpening sysytem Installed
        Blade parameter(mm) 14770×3.5×0.6 Min. cutting radius 10
        Cutting speed(m/min) 0~60 Self-test system Installed
        Cutting accuracy(mm) ±1 Blade alert Installed
        Min. cutting size(mm) 5 Error compensation Installed

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