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        • Name: CNCHK-9.2
        • NO.: 010
        • 上架时间: 2013-08-07
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        The most important feature of CNCHK-9.2 is:The cutting speed is 3-5 times as fast as the oscillating blade cutting machine when it cuts the foam of regular hardness and density. This machine is suitable for the factories that have great demand of contour cutting.

        Weight(T) 5.0 Type of CNC Industrial computer
        Full Power 13KW, 380V, 50HZ Dispaly LCD
        Size(mm) 7000×4600×2400 Controlling module Motion control card
        Servo system(r/min) 0~2800 Operation system Windows XP or above
        Main motor power 2.2KW Programmable axis X,Y,Z,Ф
        Max.block size(mm) 2200×2200×1300 Hold-down device Installed
        Blade parameter(mm) 11590×3.5×0.6 Min. cutting radius 10
        Cutting speed(m/min) 0~40 Self-test system Installed
        Cutting accuracy(mm) ±1 Blade alert Installed
        Min. cutting size(mm) 5 Error compensation Installed

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