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Vertical Blade Foam Cutting Machine (Continuous Blade)
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Vertical Blade Foam Cutting Machine (Continuous Blade)

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Vertical Blade Foam Cutting Machine (Continuous Blade)
Product description

CNC Foam Cutting Machine with High Efficiency

CNCHK-9.1 is continuous blade cutting machine, the most advantage of the foam cutting machine is the fast speed. The CNC foam cutting machine adopts absolute value of system, stable and reliable. Thanks to the high level of automation, including automatic foam feeding and automatic knife adjustment, resulting in various advantages for foam fabrication including improved dimensional accuracy, increased cutting speed, consistency of contoured parts, reduced foam dust.

The foam cutting machine equipped with grinding device and knife guide, also improves the accuracy, using toothed-knife or smooth knife for cutting different materials.

The foam cutting machine can do both contour cutting and trimming for foam blocks or sheets.

Usually the foam cutting machine works with lifting tables for loading and unloading, to shorten the downtime and save man-power. This foam cutting machine can be easily integrated to an automatic cutting line, by adding horizontal slicing machine and Vacuum device or other Healthcare CNC foam cutting machines, which significantly improves working efficiency.

Its good at cutting foam, coated material (such as foam with fabric), fiber etc. The foam cutting machine is very good solution for the foam, mattress, furniture production, and also packing industry, especially for processing large quantities.


Technical data

Max. block size


Cutting height

950mm, 1200mm

Blade size


Torsion range of blade


Grinding device


Cutting speed




Press roller





♦ Automatic feeding, automatic detecting foam block and finding start point

♦ Fast cutting speed

♦ Blade can be rotated +/- 360°

♦ Few wear parts

♦ Reduce manpower

♦ Dust-free

♦ Can be upgraded to an automatic cutting line


♦ PU flexible foam

♦ Rebond foam

♦ PE

♦ PP fiber

♦ Coated materials (such as foam with fabric)


♦ Foam

♦ Furniture

♦ Packaging

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